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who is skin magic?

We are a new small skincare brand that is trying to bring the fun back to your skincare routine! Let's make it a magical experience where you can see and feel your products working.

Check out our about us page to learn more!

is there really magic inside?

The magic is more than just the ingredients, it's the care and performance this product provides. You can see results after just ONE use! That's pretty magical if you ask us.

will you be releasing more products?

We prefer a slow and steady approach to product launches. We will never release something just because we feel like it. All future releases will be intentional and fill a gap in the market. Have suggestions? Let us know! hello@makeskinmagic.com

are you cruelty free?

Yes! We love animals and would never test on them.

how can I collab with skin magic?

It's simple! Please visit our community page to apply.

treatment tonic

why use our treatment tonic?

Of course we will say because ours is the best, but we worked really hard on this product and we think you will see amazing results. It's got a truly unique formula and we are hoping it can add a little magic to your daily life. 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love it.

is this just an exfoliating toner?

No! This is a new generation of exfoliating toner that uses a dual phase approach to help renew your skin faster and with less irritation.

what do you mean by "feel it working"?

Our treatment tonic was created using ingredients that provide a sensorial experience. It will NOT and should not burn, it's more of a cooling/tingling sensation that we think you'll absolutely love!

can i use this with retinol?

We cannot advise on using our product with any prescriptions administered from a medical professional. Please contact your doctor to discuss this matter.

how do i use the treatment tonic?

After cleansing your skin and ensuring it is completely dry, apply a quarter size amount to your hands or a cotton round and apply to facial skin.

how much should i use?

We always recommend a quarter size amount but it is completely up to you!

how often should I use this?

It really is up to your skin and how much it can tolerate. This treatment was formulated to be used daily but can be used 2-3x per week if your skin is on the sensitive side or you can use as a weekly treatment.

orders & shipping

who can I reach out to for order inquiries?

For order questions, please email us at hello@makeskinmagic.com

what are the order processing times?

Monday-Friday: If an order is placed before 3pm EST, it will go out via USPS that day.

If an order is placed after 3pm EST, it will be in the following days shipment.

Saturday: If an order is placed before 12pm EST, it will go out via USPS that day.

If an order is placed after 12pm EST, it will be in the following monday's shipment.

Sunday: If an order is placed on a sunday it will be placed in monday's shipment.

what is your return & exchange policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We just ask that you ship the product back to us. If something is wrong with your item, we would be happy to exchange it at no cost to you!

Please email us at hello@makeskinmagic.com to process your return or exchange.